Security solutions in education


Security In Education
Security In Education

Kaba integrated solutions are widely used by colleges and universities to secure main entrances, classrooms, IT rooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities and accommodation blocks. They ensure the safety and security of staff, students and their belongings while protecting school equipment from theft and vandalism. Anti-bullying policies are also supported using an integrated cashless vending solution.


Kaba offering to colleges and universities:

  • Comprehensive access control systems

  • Energy-efficient revolving doors and barriers

  • Convenient locking systems for accommodation units

  • Mechanical master key systems

  • Electronic locker locks

  • Time & Attendance recording for staff and students

  • Roll call reports at emergency gathering places

  • Consulting, engineering & Installation services

  • Repair & Maintenance services


Kaba time-recording systems improve HR efficiency by eradicating the errors and associated costs with manually recording data. The entire system is visible at all times and reports on who has accessed where and when. It can even provide a sophisticated roll-call report of who exactly is on site in the event of an emergency.

With staff, students and visitors frequently moving around the site it is difficult to secure external doors, as automatic sliding doors allow draught and heat loss. Kaba revolving doors provide excellent thermal insulation at main entrances helping to reduce energy costs.