Customer segment - Applications in ultilities



Security has become one of the most significant areas of consideration within the Utilities sector.

Whether it is power or water, the risk of terrorism and the possible interruption in service caused by vandalism means that protecting assets cannot be a secondary concern.

Kaba has a long and established partnership with many of the UK’s utilities companies, working with them to protect and secure all areas of their business, whether it is their administration offices, production facilities or even their remote sites.

Many of Kaba’s products have been developed following this relationship, designing and testing products that meet the distinct and demanding requirements of this specific industry.


  • Biometrics product available with no risk
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Flexible solution to cover all areas in the plant
  • Seamless integration with payroll system
  • Monitor and manage information in real time
  • Modular turnstile system : variety of turnstile bars, roof elements and side panels in different materials and designs can be combined
  • Efficient protection of outside areas and entry to plant premises


  • Industral plants
  • Company premises
  • Airport and port areas
  • Power plants
  • Water plants
  • Parking sites
  • Bike parks
  • Prisons / Penitentiaries
  • Military installations
  • Education facilities