Customer segment - Application in rail industry solution



As a leading manufacturer of mechanical, mechatronic and electronic access control security solutions, security and automatic doors and being a member of the RIA and the Rail Alliance Kaba has developed a range of products and solutions specifically designed for the rail industry.

In particular, creating customised locking solutions for train manufacturers, rail consultants and train operating companies has been a significant part of Kaba’s business in Asia Pacific for over 20 years. With a product design, development and manufacturing facility still located in the UK, Kaba is able to work with our clients to create tailor-made products based upon their specific needs, and with consideration to the particular environment that the product is to be used within.

China High Speed Train - 27 stations - Orthos PIL-M02
Chelyabinsk Railway Station, Russia - Argus HSB-E12
Samara Railway Station, Russia - Argus HSB-E12
Mocsow Railway Station, Russia - Argus HSG-E01
Johannesburg Metro Stations, South Africa - 30 stations - Argus HSB-E04
Kiev Railway Station, Ukraine - Kerberos TPB-E02, Kerberos TPB-E01, Argus HSB-E02
Darnica Railway Station, Ukraine - Kerberos TPB-E01, Argus HSB-E02


Most rail stations are open environments where members of the public are able to move around unrestricted. However, there are areas that must have restricted access, whether it is to protect any unauthorised persons from danger, or to protect the equipment from sabotage and vandalism and Kaba product range can be integrated to ensure

  • Audit trail to establish who the last person to access the area
  • Able to cancel access rights
  • Easy management of granting and removing access rights
  • Ideally suited to environments where design and layout does not allow for traditional online systems


  • Public toilets
  • Entry to station
  • Secured staff entrance
  • Locker rooms
  • Control stations
  • Station offices
  • Electrical rooms