Security in finance



Ever wondered just how secure you’re savings are?
The Financial Services and their investors are a critical infrastructure within our society and therefore must be protected accordingly.  Kaba has been manufacturing safe locks and vaults for banks and building societies since 1862. Through this long-standing and close collaboration, we are aware of today’s needs and requirements of financial institutions when it comes to the protection and management of valuables and personnel.


Banks all over the world demonstrate their confidence in Kaba
Kaba offers a bespoke range of reliable and high quality products including electronic safe locks, security doors and turnstiles, access control systems and time and attendance solutions which are in use in banks all over the world. These innovative security installations can be fully integrated to ensure that access at both the entrance and within the building is securely controlled at all times from both internal and external threat.

Innovative high security solutions
As a result of the ever increasing security demands within the financial industry, Kaba continues to develop security solutions which fulfil the highest requirements in compliance with industry standards and insurance requirements to facilitate the optimisation of cost and process management for your business.


  • Data room
  • Staff restricted areas
  • Safes
  • Customer safe box areas
  • Bank entrance
  • High security areas
  • Surveliiance rooms