Customer segment - Application in security for retail


Shopping CH_04_010
Shopping CH_04_010

Kaba’s security products are used extensively in the retail sector, most well known are Kaba’s range of push button locks, safelocks, and access control solutions. These products reflect the diversity of our portfolio but represent only a part of the range that Kaba manufacturers that are integrated to form a complete solution ranging from staff management to protecting cash rooms.


Kaba has worked in partnership with many leading retail organisations, whether they are the end user or contractor to create solutions using either standard or bespoke products that can be used in the high street, shopping centres and individual retail outlets that may handle very high value items to protect

  • shop floor
  • back of house where the stores and cash handling are located
  • restricting access to members of the public to the secure areas
  • manage the access and movement of employees, whether they are temporary or permanent.
  • minimise loss of stock or money via theft.


Kaba have a unique solution for large retail environments.

  • Supermarts
  • Large retail outlets
  • High value stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Tourist attractions, musuems


For the perimeter security and staff management, Kaba Exos on-line access control is able to solve the problems of monitoring secure doors, and managing staff access on a real time basis. However, remote stock rooms should also be monitored, and Kaba's Cardlink technology provides the answer.

CardLink allows standalone (un-cabled) access control doors to be managed from within the full networked Exos9300 solution. It brings electronic access control to remote, or difficult areas within a building at a fraction of the cost of the fully wired system.