Paid entry solutions

Kaba paid entrance solutions – a clean business model

Clean toilets can attract more visitors to your premises, hence more revenue. This applies to any retail-type operation such as restaurants and shopping facilities in public spaces, railway stations, motorway service areas, etc. But how do you pay for the cost of keeping your sanitary facilities clean without losing profitability? Kaba has a solution.






The intelligent Easy Entrance solution is a tripod barrier with integrated paying machine. Using its payback principle, you can finance cleaner toilets which make your customers all satisfied and increase revenue.

In return for a small entrance fee, users are issued coupons, which they can redeem while making purchases on your premises. As a result, you have happy guests, customer loyalty and a revenue boost at no additional cost.


  • User friendly, ergonomic and slender to save space.
  • Collapsing arms to provide a safe escape route.
  • Right or left side installation, tailored to your premises.
  • Accurate data about the volume of users so you can plan accordingly.
  • High quality payback-coupons, e.g. with hologram stripes to reduce fraud.
  • Different tariff levels (e.g. for toilets and shower facilities).
  • A card reader to allow your staff easy access without coins.
  • A choice of colours for the housing, into which your logo can be incorporated.
  • A kid’s door for children or people with reduced mobility, and which acts as an additional escape route.


Kaba Easy Entrance is perfect for any retail-type facility with public access. The user interface comes in several languages, so it is perfect for airports, railway and coach stations as well as the following premises:

  • Restaurants and catering facilities
  • Motorway service stations
  • Railway stations
  • Ferry terminals
  • Camping sites
  • Shopping centres
  • City-centre public toilets
  • Tourist attractions with high public flow: castles, museums, look-out towers




«Our restaurant was working out very well from the very first moment. Our only worry was the sanitary facilities: many non-consuming people used our toilets, causing high water and cleaning costs, yet not contributing to turnover at all. Some months ago we installed a Kaba access solution – the investment costs are already justified and the day-to-day payments cover the maintenance and cleaning costs.»