Server Rooms

Server Rooms
Secure each server rack with its own monitored locking device.

Server Rooms
Ensure safety of sensitive equipment.

Server Rooms
Provide an undisturbed working space for technicians.

Server Rooms
Keep unwanted visitors out of your data centre.

Server rooms are the heart of operations at universities, where tampering or failure can amount to administrative nightmare. The most modern method in securing IT equipment combines access control with surveillance cameras and intrusion alarm systems.

Kaba's online access control systems

To enhance the security of server rooms, Kaba recommends its Kaba exos access control system. The solution is based on RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, which can be supported with PIN verification and biometric identification if necessary.

Using Kaba exos, a limited number of people are given monitored, time-controlled access to the server rooms. All access is registered real-time in a central system and can be traced back at any time.

Locking mechanisms for rack servers

Rack-level security is achieved using a specially developed locking mechanism, which defends against unauthorised access and can be monitored through the same online access control system. These locks help reduce the number of accidents and mistakes caused by workers, in turn helping to reduce downtime.

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