Efficient Locker Management

Efficient Locker Management
Electronic first-come-first-serve allocation keeps all users happy.

Efficient Locker Management
Eliminate key loss by enabling student cards to operate lockers

There is no doubt that lockers help increase the safety of students’ belongings. An average university might have many thousands of lockers installed in various locations. Problems faced by universities include:

  • The frequent loss of keys, which can cost more than the benefits the lockers bring
  • Providing lockers for all students, especially at busy times or when lockers are out of use

In fact, a shortage of lockers coupled with restrictive rules is a favourite topic of complaint in many student internet forums.

Electronic locker locks from Kaba

Kaba's electronic locker locks solve these problems:

  • They can be operated using student cards, which eliminates key replacement costs altogether, as there are no keys to be taken away or lost
  • They allow a more efficient use of the lockers and solve shortage problems through the first-come-first-serve allocation principle. A locker no longer has to be blocked by one person throughout the term, regardless of whether and how much they use it. It can be used by several part-timers e.g. in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

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