A Conceptual Approach


Kaba aims to help enhance security, ensure safety and improve organisational efficiency without restricting people’s movement at educational institutions. This requires a customised, integrated access management and time-recording system.

Profiling and managing appropriate access
The concept differentiates between high-security zones and public or semi-public facilities (see example above). The same applies to user groups, such as students, teaching and non-teaching staff, suppliers, service technicians, visitors, etc. Security, safety and organisational requirements are identified for each zone and user group. The user groups attain an access authorisation profile defining which premises they can access, when and for how long.

Students cards with multiple purposes
Gaining access is done by presenting the student card to a reader at the entry point. The same cards can also be used for identification and authorisation at printers, copiers, the library, cafeteria, vending machines, student accommodation, bicycle parking, car park, even for public transport.

Presence registration
An interesting use of the card is for presence registration. Students present their card at a time-recording terminal while attending lectures to accumulate credits, whereby they are awarded certificates or grant payments.