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Over the past few years, websites and social media have become vital modes of communication for the world of business. In line with this trend, Kaba has recently modernized its own web design and revised the content to make it even more user-friendly. Information can now be obtained in increasingly interactive ways, e.g. as videos or animations.

 products, view their applications by video and, if necessary, make direct contact with a Kaba specialist. Why not visit our website at www.kaba.com and explore our Country Sites. There you can sign up to an RSS feed which guarantees you will miss none of Kaba’s news.

While “yesterday’s newspaper” still has an expiry span of one day, the online scene is constantly becoming more and more dynamic. A wide variety of Web-based information, networking and marketing activities are playing an increasingly important role in the world of communications.

 Kaba has also designed an app for iPhone and iPad that shows the functionalities of Kaba products (app store: Kaba Augmented Reality).
Websites as source of information
For this reason, Kaba continually updates its online activities. Website content is revised to make it even more market-oriented and to incorporate new interactive tools, such as videos and animations. These make it easier for customers to compare
 Professional networks and social media
Kaba has a growing presence on professional networks, such as LinkedIn and Xing, and on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. So why not drop in on us, join the discussion and
become part of the Kaba network