Kaba Warranty Guarantee

1 Yr Warranty
1 Yr Warranty

Kaba products are renowned for their quality, strength and proven durability.

We offer a minimum 1 year guarantee for all products.

1.      Guarantee Against Defects

1.1 Kaba warrants that the Products delivered hereunder shall be of Kaba’s standard quality free from defects in material
and workmanship for the warranty period stated above.
Kaba makes no other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to a warranty of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose, unless otherwise stated in the quotations produced by Kaba for tender or in the project specifications.

Mechanical products --- 1 year

Mechatronic products --- 1 year

Access control products --- 1 year

Digital door lock - E-Flash --- 1 year

Turnstiles --- 1 year

1.2 This warranty cover defects in manufacturing discovered during the term of warranty period stated from date of purchase.

1.3 KABA will not be liable for any costs other than the repair or replacement of faulty goods.

1.4 KABA may repair any faulty goods at their designation factory / hub / workshop.

1.5 The product warranty only applies to internal hardware parts of the products and does not warrant the folowing:

a. loss or theft
b. damaged caused by accidents, vandalism, misuse,
c. unauthorized assembly and disassembly,
d. improper storage conditions or abnormal frequency of use,
e. subjected to normal wear and tear such as mortise lock, handle, digital touch pad, battery outlet, covers, screws,
f. climatic conditions or harsh environment, wars, sabotage, lightning, natural disaster from acts of God, fires, floods,
g. failure to follow installation instruction or maintenance instructions,
h. maintained or disassembled by unauthorized technical personnel who are not registered or trained by Kaba product management or technical staff.

2.      Exclusions

Kaba do not warranty products according to terms set out below:

2.1 Products purchased through distribution channels unauthorized by Kaba

2.2 Product with warranty labels, product serial numbers or temper labels that has been modified, damaged or are unclear.

2.3 Product serial numbers not registered with Kaba within 14 days of product purchase.

3.     Claims

3.1 Claims pursuant to the KABA Guarantee made be made to KABA in writing to the contact below.

3.2 Expenses for making the claim are to be borne and at the own expenses of the cliamaint, including but not limited to postage and delivery charges.

4. Warranty Registration - Digital Door Lock

To register your E-Flash Digital Door Lock product, kindly go to : www.eflash.com.sg