Electronic locks & readers

Kaba evolo - Access control with maximum flexibility

Fulfilling your organisation’s changing security needs may be tricky. Do you have hundreds of keys in circulation? Do you wish to increase your capability of managing them more flexibly? Do you want to differentiate between the security clearance of your personnel, visitors and contractors? Or to keep track of who has been in the building?

The newest family of electronic locks, Kaba evolo, is a modular and expandable cable-free (standalone) access control system, which provides an optimum solution for the above requirements. It uses smartcards to operate electronic locking devices. Authorised users can access specific doors at specific times. These access rights can be defined flexibly and changed quickly when needed.

If a card is lost, the relevant locking device is easily instructed to block it. Where relevant, you can always find out who had accessed a particular room and when.