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Kaba TouchGo
Kaba TouchGo

As the first world wide operating company with a visionary system approach, Kaba demonstrates with TouchGo that access control is more than just opening doors and pushing buttons.

Kaba TouchGo door locks are based on RCID technology and reacts when the lever handle is simply touched. Neither a key nor any other access medium need be retrieved. The Kaba TouchGo lock recognizes if the person at the door really has an authorized transponder with him. If this is the case, the system releases the door for access.


TouchGo_Products No more looking for keys or badges, free hands and yet the high security standard of a Kaba key system is still maintained.
Our business clients are twice as glad: Kaba TouchGo can be seamlessly integrated into the Kaba world of digital RFID products and embedded into the CardLink environment as well.


Kaba TouchGo is the perfect solution for all who expect not only security, but also the highest level of convenience from their key system. Lost transponders are simply deleted and new ones are programmed just as conveniently. In combination with RFID technology TouchGo unites the advantages of professional management with those of absolute convenience.

Application Area

 Office Worlds
Office doors stay closed for unauthorized persons even the room is the left for a short time. With Kaba TouchGo authorized users open doors without losing time
 Private Homes
Exclusivity begins with convenience. Loaded with full shopping bags the door opens magically. The transponder stays in your purse or pocket.
Applications_Nursing Homes Nursing Homes
The aspect "convenience" always stays clearly in focus along with security for residents and personnel.
Applications Hospital Clinics and Hospitals
Access to nurses offices, medication stores and laboratories remain reserved for personnel.
 Public Offices and Schools
Offices and utility rooms are closed to the public. Employees conveniently open all authorized doors with TouchGo.
Applications_Factory Factories and Warehouses
Uncomplicated opening at outside doors with heavy traffic. The lock bolts automatically at closing and saves the last 2000 movements.


Door_Furniture_e110 Kaba TouchGo door furniture E110
The standalone solution for your home. After touching the lever handle access authorization is confirmed by an acoustic signal. The pass button on the inside of the lock can deactivate the TouchGo function at any time.
Door Furniture_e310 Kaba TouchGo door furniture E310
The professional combination with RFID. Kaba TouchGo c-lever e300 unites the advantage of professional management with that of absolute convenience for the user. The individual office mode guarantees automatic locking after leaving the office.
Key Fobs Kaba TouchGo key fobs
Practical TouchGo transponder in key fob form. It is carried in your trousers pocket or in a purse. It need not be retrieved to open a door. Available in white and black.
Card_Holders Kaba TouchGo card holders
The Kaba TouchGo card holder is an RCID transponder and can also hold an existing identification badge. Integration the easy way. The card holder is ideally worn on the belt. Available in black and silver-black.