Kaba evolo
Security fittings are designed to protect door locks and lock cylinders from being tampered with.

Kaba evolo
Kaba gege additional security locks offer more protection in two ways.

Security fittings from Kaba gege for every application: Kaba gege products, sold in Austria under the brand name Gege, have been synonymous with quality for many years.

Kaba gege security fittings

Kaba Gege security fittings have been successful in the market for many years and have been tested according to international standards and specifications. Thanks to their ingenious design, the first-class materials used and quality craftsmanship, they are extremely secure against burglary.

Kaba gege additional locks

First, they supplement the door lock with a second bolt, thus increasing the resistance value of entrance doors. Second, they also provide protection when the main lock is open, and serve as a simple means of blocking access when used with a security handle.

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